vrijdag 9 mei 2014

have I told you this before
have I told you before how lucky I am
to be able to just take my bike
for a ride to the village, the dunes and the sea
for a trip to a city quite near
with exquisite buildings, clean and complete
such a feast to take part of this beauty

have I told you before how peaceful it is
to be able to walk in the woods
where birds sing their songs
and bumblebees buzz,
unexpected and yet so modest
whilst the wind in the trees of the wealds I’m crossing,
makes the leaves slightly tremble, and tossing

this first green of spring filters light, scatters sun
and I smile, laugh out loud heading home
in my mind thousand words want to be heard   
even more if I haven’t told this before:

how wonderful silence can be in your life
surrounding you on your bike
like a blanket of softness and sparkling pure colors
they make you feel safe and secure
you’re able to breathe without fear, without rage
            no bombs, no war, no rows, or loud screaming
of people in pain and distress –
when watching tv I feel sad

who knows what is best in a world full of sorrow
tomorrow will come as it gets
but the profits of peace for you and for me
are a privilege of infinite value
so: have I told you before how lucky I am
and all of us – really – should be?
                       Copyright © May 2014 Giselle Ecury
                                                      Photograph © Summer 2012 by Giselle

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